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Gran Turismo Mediterranea Superyacht

Lazzarini Design‘s designers are no strangers to creating impeccably stylish concepts in all areas, having accomplished many notable automotive and marine designs over the past decade. While they’ve revealed some standout work before, their latest design, which set a new standard for luxury, may have completely stolen the show. Introducing the magnificent yacht Gran Turismo Mediterranea, inspired by nothing but Ferrari‘s iconic style.

At around 27 meters, this brilliant concept yacht from Lazzarini is reminiscent of the “Prancing Horse” in every way. It is equipped with a platform that can land when necessary and a sun terrace that can turn into a garage specially designed for your Ferrari, and this is possible with just the push of a button.

Inspired by the Ferrari cars themselves, Gran Turismo Mediterranea has an estimated top speed of 70 knots. This superyacht is supported by a series of aerodynamic wings that help ensure a fast ride. Finished in gorgeous gull-wing designs, these doors open to the interior, equipped with a pair of guest cabins, pilot seats, and crew accommodation.

Wait for it

Supercar-inspired yachts are not new to the world of cruises. This latest concept from Lazzarini Design Studio shows that such stylish ideas can come up more often. Those wishing to take a closer look at Gran Turismo Mediterranea can visit Lazzarini‘s website or wait with indescribable patience until the idea comes to life and sees it live at a fair.

Gran Turismo Mediterranea

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