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Hydrogen-Powered H2 RACING TRUCK

While cars and motorcycles remain the most exclusive and high-profile classes at the famous Dakar Rally, one of the most interesting and unique parts of the two-week challenge and brutal terrain is undoubtedly the T4 category, which features massive, multi-tonne support vehicles. For the 2022 Dakar Rally, engineering firm GAUSSIN has partnered with legendary design house Pininfarina to develop a state-of-the-art hydrogen-powered T4 racecar dubbed the “H2 RACING TRUCK”.

This zero-emission race truck has a combination of Pininfarina‘s exterior design with GAUSSIN‘s EV architecture underneath. Built on a modular “skateboard” platform, the H2 RACING TRUCK houses two 402hp electric motors that allow a top speed of almost 90mph (145kph). The frame of this high-performance truck was specifically designed to support the vehicle’s hydrogen power system, with cells integrated into the design of the structure. An oversized 176-lb (80kg) hydrogen cell and 82kWh batteries collectively give the truck a range of around 155 miles (250km). Let’s add that these values ​​are revealed in real race conditions and with a recharge time of only 20 minutes.

Representing the most powerful hydrogen truck on the planet, the legal T4 racer H2 RACING TRUCK will enter the race for the first time in the 2022 Dakar Rally, which will start on January 1st and run until the 14th. Click here for detailed information.

The H2 RACING TRUCK on track to the DAKAR 2022

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