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Sena R1 EVO Smart Cycling Helmet

Sena R1 EVO combines technology and safety features and is an upgrade to the standard riding helmet. This high-tech cycling helmet not only protects the head from injury but also has a series of smart functions. It has 9 communication channels, allowing you to talk with other R1 EVO users of different frequencies.

Its voice commands allow you to play music, listen to GPS navigation, activate the integrated taillights, answer calls completely hands-free, and even monitor your physical condition. All these operations are done through the built-in speakers, these speakers can keep your ears unobstructed, so even when listening to music or riding a bicycle, you can concentrate on listening to music. Click here for more details about the Sena R1 EVO Smart Cycling Helmet.

R1 EVO Smart Communications Cycling Helmet: Simplified Communication & Tail Light

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