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AURA Smart Helmet: Redefining Safety and Visibility for Cyclists

Cycling has become increasingly hazardous, with faster bikes and distracted drivers sharing outdated road infrastructure. In response to these challenges, UNIT 1 is revolutionizing rider safety by introducing cutting-edge technology that enhances visibility and predictability for cyclists. Building upon their groundbreaking product lineup, including the FARO Smart Helmet, the TORCH Backpack, and the Navigation Remote, UNIT 1 presents the AURA Smart Helmet, a next-generation safety accessory designed for urban and road riding. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of this remarkable helmet.

Enhanced Safety and Sleek Design

The AURA Smart Helmet is a hybrid helmet that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology and sleek design add-ons across multiple devices. It is specifically designed to enhance safety for riders in both urban and road environments. With powerful integrated lights, crash detection capabilities, and compatibility with turn signals and brake lights, this helmet provides a comprehensive safety solution.

Intelligent Lighting System

One of the standout features of the AURA Smart Helmet is its intelligent lighting system. The smart lights, which are front and rear capable, illuminate in the appropriate color and can be mounted anywhere on the helmet using magnetic mounts. These lights can also be synchronized with turn signals and brake lights, ensuring maximum visibility for cyclists. Furthermore, a charging case allows users to conveniently charge the lights on the go.

Seamless Control and Management

To control the various safety features, riders can utilize the Navigation Remote, which allows easy control of turn signals and brake lights across all compatible devices. Additionally, the UNIT 1 app serves as the central hub for customization, energy management, crash detection, and more. Through this app, riders can personalize their helmet settings and receive alerts and assistance in the event of a crash.

Unparalleled Protection and Comfort

The AURA Smart Helmet prioritizes rider safety with features such as MIPS impact absorption, ensuring optimal protection in the event of an accident. It also boasts 16 vents for excellent airflow and comfort during rides. The helmet weighs a mere 370 grams, striking a balance between safety and comfort.

Kickstarter Campaign

To bring the AURA Helmet to life, UNIT 1 has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Backers have the opportunity to choose from various product combinations, colors, and sizes, ensuring that every cyclist finds the perfect fit. UNIT 1 invites cycling enthusiasts to join the campaign and contribute to the creation of this game-changing helmet.

The AURA Smart Helmet by UNIT 1 represents a significant leap forward in cycling safety. Its advanced technology, including intelligent lighting, crash detection, and seamless control, combined with its sleek design and comfort features, make it a must-have for cyclists seeking unparalleled protection on the road. By supporting the Kickstarter campaign, cycling enthusiasts can play an active role in bringing this innovative helmet to fruition.

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