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POC Omne Eternal Cycling Helmet

No matter day or night, rain or shine (no matter when you ride a bike, honestly), it is in your best interest to wear some kind of lighting device, because these days, drivers are more distracted than ever. However, all of us have experienced the feeling of a biking trip, only to find that our batteries are dead.

However, with the release of the Omne Eternal helmet equipped with LEDs, the Swiss-based protection expert POC hopes to end our lighting dilemma forever. This is because it uses Powerfoyle, a thin solar panel technology that can be charged by indoor and outdoor light sources. Therefore, whether you are on a sunny day or riding under the lights at home, you can charge them at any time and are ready to use. More importantly, Omne Eternal has a set of internal sensors that can automatically detect the wearing time of the helmet and automatically turn on the rear LED to maintain the field of vision. Moreover, when you consider that it also utilizes POC‘s SPIN rotation security technology, the product can create a higher level of lid. It will be listed in June this year, and the price is 300 US dollars. Click here for more details.


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