Under Armour UA Flow Velociti Wind Shoes

Although Under Armour originally produced moisture-wicking compression shirts and shorts, in the past 25 centuries, the Baltimore-based brand has ventured into other performance-focused clothing and equipment fields, which has proven difficult The power of belief in innovation. Under Armour’s latest release of the brand new UA Flow Velociti Wind shoes fully reflects this trend in the sportswear industry.

In developing these cutting-edge sports shoes, Under Armour focused on minimizing weight without compromising durability, comfort, or traction. Ultimately, this can be replaced by abandoning the traditional sole (usually the heaviest part of the shoe) and replacing it with Under Armour’s new UA Flow midsole and integrated shock absorption system, allowing the UA Flow Velociti Wind to tilt the scale by 8.5 ounces (9 No. Men). This extensive three-year development process includes more than 17 rounds of material testing, 9 rounds of biomechanical testing, and 15 rounds of shoe testing, including approximately 130 testers wearing new shoes for more than 11,000 miles. Under Armour UA Flow Velociti Wind shoes are priced at $ 160 and are scheduled to go on sale globally on March 3, 2021. Click here for more details.


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