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POC Ventral Lite Cycling Helmet

For all the latest developments in the most advanced aerodynamic superbikes and integrated electronic power transmission systems, cycling is still a sport that focuses on lightness. This is not without good reason, because when you trek on a steep climb, you will feel every gram-from the water in the bottle to the multifunctional tool in your back pocket.

With the release of Ventral Lite, POC has carefully crafted a helmet that is ideal for even the most discerning lightweight small intestine. Small in size, weighing only 180 grams (6.35 ounces), far lighter than anything else provided by Swedish protection experts, and the second lightest helmet (Ventral Air Spin) is about 242 grams (8.54 ounces). In order to discard most of the materials, POC adopted an absolutely simple structure method, using a lower density EPS foam, scraping off the excess shell material, and even replacing it with a set of thinner belts. In short: everything that a riding helmet should have, nothing more. You can buy Ventral Lite for $275, which comes in five different color combinations to match the rest of your kit. Click here for more details.


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