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Cognixion ONE Brain Computer Interface AR Device

In the past ten years, with the large-scale development of technology and medicine, countless kinds of efforts and ideas once attributed to science fiction have now become reality. A proper example is Cognixion‘s upcoming ONE brain-to-computer interface AI device.

ONE is developed by a smart team consisting of neurologists, biosignal engineers, special educators, and speech pathologists. It is similar to your ordinary VR headset but uses six non-invasive occipital bone placement electrodes, which can be enhanced in the user’s brain. Establish real-time connections between type brains. Reality and voice equipment. Pointing heads and other input methods can also be used on cutting-edge gadgets, opening the door to easy communication with CP or ALS patients. The lens cover has a dual display screen so that both the user and the people around can read text or information from the lens. Moreover, in addition to providing 4G compatibility and local or USB-C relay data streams, ONE also packs eight channels of real-time biological signal streams through BLE5. Pricing has not yet been announced, although the Cognixion ONE brain-computer interface AR device is scheduled to be released later this year. For more information, you can visit the Cognixion ONE website.

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