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Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, there has been a large influx of stolen vehicles, whether it is cars, trucks, motorcycles, or bicycles, and there is no sign that this unfortunate trend will slow down in the short term. For bicycles and motorcycles, Now more than ever, it is more important for motorcycle commuters to secure their rides. In order to give monorail vehicle owners the best fighter meeting, LITELOK introduced a completely redesigned anti-theft device called LITELOK CORE.

CORE stands for LITELOK‘s safest lock so far. Its predecessor, LITELOK Gold, has countless elements and is welcomed by two-round enthusiasts, such as the click-to-lock function and the lightweight, allegorical overall, and flexible design. However, the similarities end here, because CORE has been redesigned from the inside out, equipped with a brand new 24mm Boaflexicore Plus system and a hardened steel straight-bolt lock body made of aerospace-grade steel. The actual device is composed of a multi-filament inner core, the outer core is wrapped in a fine-grained steel exoskeleton, the exoskeleton is set inside a polymer matrix, and the outer layer is covered and covered by a braided outer sleeve. LITELOK CORE can now be used on Kickstarter, where the fundraising goal has doubled, starting at $126. Click here for more details.


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