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Garmin Rally Dual Sensing Powermeter Pedals

Cycling is a sport, data has always been paramount for a long time, and one of the most objective ways to measure performance is to use a power meter. However, given the complexity of the hardware, the power meter can usually only be assigned to one set at a time, which means that a power meter with multiple carriages will usually face the purchase of another or no riding equipment.

At least until Garmin abandons the range of its brand new power meter pedal. The series is called Garmin Rally” and consists of “RK”, “XC”, and “RS” models, each of which has single-sided and double-sided configurations. In terms of cleat compatibility, RK is based on Look’s KEO system, while the latter’s XC and RS use Shimano’s respective SPD and SPD-SL platforms. That being said, each pedal is built around an interchangeable spindle design, allowing users to replace the scooter body according to their riding environment (whether it’s a road, gravel, or trail). When you think they also offer IPX7 water resistance, +/-1.0% accuracy, and up to 120 hours of battery life, they are a good choice. They are now priced at $650. Click here for more details about the Garmin Rally Dual Sensing Powermeter Pedals.

Rally™ Power Meters from Garmin: Tested to the Extreme

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