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FALTMAL: IKEA’s Wearable Pillow Quilt

As the world was still affected by the COVID-19 epidemic last year, and most of the population was still working at home, the sales of blankets, nightgowns, sportswear, and other self-sufficient items surged to be used around the house. Recognizing this undeniable trend, IKEA has designed a unique throw pillow that can be transformed into a wearable quilt. Known as FALTMAL, this hybrid pillow is equipped with a clever button fastening and zipper system that can transform it from a pillow into a wearable sleeve quilt.

FALTMAL is machine washable and suitable for light outdoor use. It has a full nylon structure and is filled with 12 ounces of polyester filling. The filling is made of at least 80% recyclable ingredients and is equipped with mesh pockets and decorative features. SBS zipper with frayed pull tab. The “blanket” weighs only 23 ounces (or 1.4375 pounds) and measures 75 inches (length) x 47 inches (width). The price of the IKEA FALTMAL pillow is $35. Click here for more details.


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