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1988 Honda XBR500 Anaconda By Renard Speed Shop

When it comes to painting schemes, many custom motorcycle manufacturers will use it with confidence and choose something low-key or low-key, or something similar to the original factory product. After all, once you have spent hundreds of hard hours on your bike, the last thing you want to do is choose suspicious colors to spoil the audience’s overall impression.

However, the Renard Speed ​​Shop in Estonia is clearly an exception to this rule, and the motorcycles you see are proof. It was originally born as the Honda XBR500 in 1988. After a thorough transformation, it eventually evolved into an inspired scrambler in the 1970s called “Anaconda”. It doesn’t look like Leonard’s typical work, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find it as usual. Therefore, in addition to first-class manufacturing work (such as a fire extinguisher modified for a fuel tank, matching the rack In addition to the low-profile rear rocker arm and a custom-made bracket for the air filter), you will also find spray gun leather seats, six-piston Beringer brakes and Renard’s own internal switching device. Oh, the best part is-the ignition key has passed machined, it looks like a guitar input plug. Click here to learn more about the 1988 Honda XBR500 Anaconda.


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