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Orbital Assembly Voyager Space Station

As more and more extremely well-funded private space agencies enter this industry, the prospects for civilian commercial space tourism are closer than ever. Although the seats are currently sold in the first space voyage, including XCOR and SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, we announced the first-ever commercial space hotel and apartment facility, which has reached another important point in interstellar tourism and travel milestones.

This ambitious plan gave the Voyager Space Station its name, which was created by the Gateway Foundation in collaboration with Orbital Assembly Corporation, which describes itself as The world’s first large-scale space construction company. The space station consists of a large outer edge linked with modular pod units and will be the first habitable space station with artificial gravity. In addition to restaurants, theaters, shops, boutiques, and spas, the space station will also package 400 hotels and luxury villas, which are available through short-term and long-term rental programs. Using reusable rockets to facilitate travel to and from the station should also help reduce costs and make space travel easier for ordinary citizens. The Gateway Foundation and the Orbital Assembly hope to complete the construction work by 2025. Click here for more details about Voyager Space Station.


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