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VSS Imagine SpaceShip III By Virgin Galactic

Nowadays, thanks to the busyness of the private sector and the lead of companies such as Blue Origin and SpaceX, commercial space travel seems to be closer to us than ever before. Another leading force in this field is undoubtedly Virgin Galactic, which has just launched the latest interplanetary-ready spacecraft “VSS Imagine” after numerous other pioneering achievements in space.

VSS Imagine is Virgin Galactic’s first (category III) SpaceShip III. It combines the design elements of existing private jets with futuristic sci-fi movie crafts, and its mirror-like painting provides some new retro space-age atmosphere. In addition to possessing groundbreaking technology, it is also designed to be as modular as possible so that Virgin can easily make changes and adjustments as needed, thereby reducing production and manufacturing costs. VSS Imagine plans to start ground testing and taxi flights later this summer, and then begin production of Virgin’s next-generation SpaceShip III-class ship VSS Inspire, with the ultimate goal of 400 flights per year. For more information on this ambitious project, or to be one of the first to reserve a seat on an upcoming flight from Virgin Galactic. Click here for more details.

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