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Ford Bronco ULTRA4 4400 Extreme Race Trucks

Due to pandemic-related supply issues, Bronco‘s delivery was delayed until at least midsummer, so everyone is paying attention to Ford to see when the SUV retrofit will finally be realized. So far, this has been a painfully slow process, but at least this Detroit-based automaker has been keeping our enthusiasm by developing the potential of the platform.

For example, Ford participated in this three-person car in the 2021 Hammer King Unlimited ULTRA4 4400 race. Each truck is loosely arranged based on the Bronco 2-door model, and its fully customized tubular chassis has been optimized to meet the needs of the event. Not only that, but a series of customized 4×4 power transmission systems (to ensure traction) and sufficient off-road rubber to overcome difficult obstacles can be found elsewhere to absorb the long-distance vibration of the blank. Under the hood, Ford has been silent on details, but there is no doubt that as everything develops, it will become powerful, loud, and full of torque. And, when you consider that every truck will be controlled by Vaughn Gittin, Loren Healy, Jason Scherer, etc. The rule of the matchday laid the foundation. Click here for more details.

The 2021 King of the Hammers race will be livestreamed at

ULTRA4 4400 Broncos Tackle King of the Hammers | Ford Performance

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