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Modified 1973 Ford Bronco

Although we absolutely love the new 2021 Bronco, we can’t forget the original 1966-77 Bronco, which is still a highly collectible design icon. Our latest Bronco beauty is a beauty provided on Bring a Trailer (a 1973 Ford Bronco that has been completely refurbished and modified). The beauty of retro is made of limestone green metal on the black interior and is powered by the 351ci Windsor V8 engine, which is paired with a three-speed automatic transmission and Atlas two-way transfer case. It also added steel bumpers for the aftermarket, as well as fiberglass hoods, power steering and brakes, suspension lifts, air compressors, and fuel tanks, Mile Marker winches, black bikini tops, and rear-swing rear tires and tank trucks. bracket. Inside, you will find beautiful front bucket seats and rear seats decorated with black vinyl, a body-color dashboard, a Tuffy center console, a bolt-on roll cage, a heater, and an AM Radio, a double-rod transfer case shifter, and an aftermarket four-spoke steering system. Click here for more details about the modified 1973 Ford Bronco

1973 Modified Ford Bronco

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