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Hennessey B6 Armored VelociRaptor By AddArmor

If the 600-horsepower high-performance pickup sounds a bit too much to you, then you are not part of Hennessy‘s target demographic at all from the start. But if you want to know how to further improve the already magical VelociRaptor, please don’t doubt anymore-the people at AddArmor have found a perfect upgrade kit to make it more powerful.

In addition to all the special features that make this super truck stand out from the competition, AddArmor VelociRaptor now also benefits from the brand’s “Full Protection Package”, which means from armor to armor. However, this is not your ordinary plating kit. Instead, the brand uses Dyneema (an almost indestructible synthetic material (10 times stronger than steel) and ultra-lightweight) to maintain a high level of protection without adding unnecessary weight to the truck. Of course, that is only the beginning of the upgrade. Other added features include counterattack sound cannons, charged door handles, flat tires, etc., as the brand aptly points out, effectively turning this kind of riding into the ultimate “mobile safe room.” AddArmor has not released the price of this particular version, but they pointed out that its package starts at $30,000. Click here for more details.


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