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2021 Harley Davidson Street Bob 114

As the first step of Harley-Davidson’s “hard-line” plan, the model was released along with a few new models. The 2021Street Bob 114 is a new black and orange motorcycle that replaces the 107ci Street Bob and gets MoCo‘s Milwaukee 8 114 engine-the most powerful powertrain available in the Harley Softail series.

Although the ratio is a little higher than that of its 107ci predecessor, the increased displacement of 114 has resulted in faster offline acceleration, with 0-60mph time shortened by 9% and acceleration from 60-80mph by 13%. Street Bob 114 offers four custom-inspired painting options, equipped with a 3.5-gallon streamlined classic teardrop compartment, HD iconic LED headlights, two-in and two-out offset shotgun exhaust, and mesh front fork tube, A set of standpipes with an integrated instrument panel that can accommodate a pair of ape handlebars, a keyless ignition system, a central foot controller, a black lace-up wheel and a sturdy fender, which are now riding passengers. Street Bob‘s black-painted 114ci (1,868cc) V-Twin engine reduced the torque by 119ft-lbs from 3,000rpm and juxtaposed it with polished heat sinks and chrome-plated push rod tubes. Hidden in a single electric shock, the new cruiser bike weighs 659 pounds on the side of the road and offers 28.5 degrees of inclination in either direction. The 2021 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 is available now, starting at $14,999. Click here for more details.


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