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Ducati V21L MotoE Race Bike

Ducati introduced its first electric motorcycle, the V21L. This beast will be the standard motorcycle to race in MotoE from 2023.

Compared to the V21L prototype, it is possible to say that there is not much change visually. We can only see that the color scheme has been adjusted a bit and the carbon trim is partially fitted with red lines.

Ducati V21L data

The weight is 225 kg, of which 110 kg can only be attributed to the 18 kWh batteries. The swingarm is flanged directly into the carbon fiber housing of the battery. In terms of power, it is stated that it will be 150 hp or 110 kW. The maximum torque of this motorcycle is 140 Nm, and the maximum speed is 275 km/h. This data explains the current situation, but there is a possibility that a thing or two will change before we start in MotoE.

Front damping is provided by Öhlins’ 43mm inverted fork, the NPX 25/30. The rear is damped by an Öhlins TTX36 shock. Of course, everything is fully adjustable. There is also a steering damper from the same manufacturer. Braking is done with Brembo’s extra optimized components, which should provide better cooling. Brake discs are 338.5 mm in diameter and thicker. Ribs have also been added to the inside diameters to create a larger heat exchange surface.

The Ducati V21L MotoE race bike will make its competition debut in the 2023 season of the Enel MotoE World Cup where each of the 18 riders will be competing on the newly-revealed factory-built EV.

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Ducati MotoE Prototype | In Action

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