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Pininfarina Holographic Virtual Driving Simulator AutonoMIA

An innovator in car structure and building, the Turin-based organization further extends its contribution to car clients through the origination, plan, and acknowledgment of User Experiences, as a profoundly responsive, multi-sensorial on-board experience demonstrator, named AutonoMIA.

AutonoMIA is a vivid investigation of how innovation, from AI to 5G, from show to haptics, from sensors to characteristic interfaces, can be utilized to reenchant the driving experience. It is a device that fashioners will use to keep repeating on the speculation on the fate of driving. The various gatherings construct information on the information extricated from its use. In any case, AutonoMIA is additionally an advantage that can be utilized, altered, and grown further for Pininfarina’s customers.

AutonoMIA was made conceivable gratitude to a few new vital associations.

The principle cooperation is with ART. The Umbrian organization made accessible its involvement with making UIs for car cockpits and gave its exceptionally progressed and adaptable infotainment stage. Workmanship gave the entirety of AutonoMIA‘s equipment and built up all the required middleware.

Thusly, the application layer was structured in close collaboration with and created by Siili_auto, a main Finnish car programming advancement organization.

The seats and all the cushioned parts were provided by ARAS.

AutonoMIA is an encounter intended to alter and react to individuals and settings of utilization, utilizing the diverse interface components it expands on to make a multi-sensorial and responsive experience that makes enchantment, solid significance, and positive effect in and around the vehicle. Among others, AutonoMIA returns to prominently the capacity, position, individual, and joined utilization of screens inside the vehicle.

Later on, AutonoMIA will have the option to expand on the genuine increased reality experience gave by Pininfarina’s accomplice WayRay and its progressed holographic, full-shading head-up show innovation and new applications for independent driving, urban portability, and infotainment.


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