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Honda S125 Dax Motorcycle

No one has ever sold more motorcycles than Honda. In 2020 alone, they sold around 20 million motorcycles worldwide. The trick is that most of them are small motorcycles. The economical, small-sized, and stylish motorcycles they produce for urban use attract everyone’s attention. Of course, this is enough to take them to the top. Honda wants to maintain its top spot by bringing back one of its classics for 2023. The S125 Dax is based on the original model manufactured in 1969, with a pressed steel frame and 125cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. Combined with the 9.3 horsepower four-speed gearbox, it can accelerate the Dax to a top speed of 88km/h. Features like the modern fork and rear shock absorbers mean the new Dax won’t be driven the way it was 50 years ago. The new Dax comes with an LCD instrument cluster, LED lights, and chrome fenders positioned above the 12-inch wheels. If you want to learn more about Honda S125 Dax, click here, don’t miss the video below.


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