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Semi-Autonomous Electric ATV CAKE Kibb

As we try to clean our roads and highways by promoting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, a certain part of our planet for which there are not many alternative solutions yet seems to be overlooked. This area, which may be the most important one, is agriculture! Known for its lightweight e-bikes and electric mopeds, the Swedish brand created the CAKE Kibb, an all-electric agricultural utility vehicle, in response to the master’s thesis from one of its interns (currently tasked with taking this project into production).

Currently, vehicles used in the agricultural industry to carry cargo and perform other tasks are among the biggest contributors to the increase in greenhouse gases, not only because of the toxic fumes they release into the atmosphere but also because of the dangerous liquids they seep into the soil.

Built with a modular body compatible with different ATV accessories, CAKE Kibb also has the semi-autonomous capability. It does not need any user when it is necessary to transport loads to different places on the farm. Kibb, which also acts as a power bank that can act as a mobile charging station when necessary, is also intended to cause minimal damage to the soil.

The all-electric agricultural utility vehicle CAKE Kibb, which is currently still in development, is scheduled to begin production in 2025. If you want to follow the subject and be informed about the developments, click here.

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