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LOKI Basecamp XL Coach Class A RV

Class A RV options continue to evolve into the tour bus and luxury glamping alternatives, as campervan conversions and C-class RVs seem to be growing in popularity due to the nostalgia they evoke or the glamor they exude. However, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement in Class A RVs.

Canada-based company LOKI Basecamp, which has become a notable pickup camper supplier with its flagship Falcon and lighter Icarus, seems to have gone to the other end of the spectrum with the XL. The Coach Series is a new line of A-class RVs built for outdoor adventurers. Choosing the Prevost X3-45 VIP as the base model for the modification starting point and inspiration, LOKI‘s latest Coach series Class A RV is equipped with all-weather R16-rated insulation and both heated floors and air-conditioning supported by the multi-system. equipped with off-grid capabilities such as

Powered by a Volvo D13 six-cylinder engine with a torque of 1,850lb-ft (2,500Nm), the XL Coach not only takes you wherever you go but also offers numerous features and equipment to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Accommodating eight adults, this Class A RV is equipped with a full-size refrigerator, washer, dryer, UV water purifier, open kitchen (and indoor induction cooker), BBQ grill, and an additional 12V refrigerator. For entertainment, there are 3 TVs, one of which is outside, and a rooftop terrace with tents.

Who says spending your life on the road can’t be done in comfort and style? If you want to see more details about the LOKI Basecamp XL Coach series A class RV, click here.


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