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WanderBOX Outpost 35 Class C RV For Sale

Many of us have dreamed of living our lives on the road. In fact, with the remote job market more in demand than ever, making a living as a mobile has never been easier. Even so, the accessibility of large Class A RVs, where you can find almost all the comforts of built-in living, to spend your entire life in a campervan, is very limited. If you look at a smaller Class C RV for sale, on the other hand, you will see it doesn’t really have everything you need to be a full-time resident of their road.

Wanting to change this situation, WanderBOX has launched the C-class Outpost 35 off-road camper, which lets you leave the city without losing any of the luxury and amenities of the A-class. WanderBOX, which was made for you to stay away from civilization for a long time, offers you the comfort you are looking for with its surprisingly expanding floor plan. Using three power sources, the company’s first trailer, the Outpost 35, holds approximately 190 gallons (720 liters) of diesel gas and 200 gallons (757 liters) of freshwater. With its 2800 W solar energy capacity, it can charge 24,000 Wh lithium batteries, almost twice that of its competitors.

Built with an office section, a king-size bed, a large kitchen, a dining area, and even a washer and dryer, WanderBOX has everything you will need both on the road and during your stay, no matter how long you are away from the city.

So what is the price of this Class C RV for sale?

When you first looked at the Outpost 35 off-road camper, you could easily tell that it looked like a real apartment if it hasn’t low ceilings. When you want to buy WanderBOX caravans, which we see entry-level models start at 399,000 dollars, in the top equipment, the amount you have to pay goes over 1 million dollars.

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