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Aclim8 Combar FoldaXe Multi-Tool

Aclim8 has launched the new Combar FoldaXe, an outdoor multi-tool with a powerful yet modern design for chopping, splitting, and hammering. They have managed to combine many useful tools with the latest technology to create a folding ax and hammer. The FoldaXe is specially designed for activities such as off-road journeys, cycling, camping, fishing, hunting, backpacking, and forestry work, as well as emergencies and survival.

When it’s time to chop things up, the first-of-its-kind collapsible ax blade unfolds and locks into place. It folds into a compact form to protect yourself from the cutting edge and provide safe transport and space-saving when you’re done. The hammer part, made of hardened stainless steel, is designed to quickly drive tent stakes or wooden stakes.

The glass-reinforced polymer handle includes additional tools such as a survival knife and folding pruning saw designed to accommodate mission-specific kits. Although the notion that a heavy knife can do the work of a hatchet is a delusion, a knife is still one of the outdoorsman’s best friends. It is used repeatedly during each camping, hiking, or hunting day for nearly every cutting task. Made of 420HC hardened stainless steel, the Combar full-tang blade will get any cutting jobs done.

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