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Hill HX50 Private Helicopter

The UK-based manufacturer introduced the world’s first truly private helicopter. The luxury private helicopter Hill HX50 has been designed to offer its owners a privileged comfort by combining performance, safety, elegance, and ease of flight in a single machine. The five-seater cabin features luxury leather seats, two 15-inch instrument clusters with an iPad in the middle, and panoramic windows to mesmerize passengers with the view. Of course, the pilots were not forgotten. The use has been made so easy that pilots can find the opportunity to enjoy the flight as comfortably as the passengers. This awesome helicopter is powered by the GT50 turboshaft engine specially designed for the HX50, delivering 400 horsepower, optimizing efficiency and fuel consumption. Pre-orders have started to be taken for the Hill HX50 Helicopter, which is planned to be launched in 2023. Click here if you want more information.

HX50: The Journey is as Desirable as Your Destination

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