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Big Bunny Private Jet of Playboy

In 1969, Hugh Hefner purchased a brand new Douglas DC-9-32, an extended version of Douglas’ commercial airplane. Painted black and bearing the iconic Playboy Bunny logo on its tail, the Big Bunny aircraft carried Hefner and a crew of VIPs between Chicago and LA (until Hefner sold the plane in 1975). After Playboy’s return to the stock market as a publicly-traded company, Big Bunny has also resurfaced as the Bombardier BD-700-1A10. Carrying the tail number N950PB of the original Big Bunny, the new version is just as flamboyant, with cognac dyed crocodile-embossed leather custom furniture, a SkyTheater movie theater, custom handcrafted Asp & Hand glassware, and embroidered N950PB napkins. Among all the luxuries, the shortcoming that stands out is Hefner’s private waterbed cabin. If you want to watch a flight from the 1970s, scroll down to the end of the article. Get more detailed information by clicking here.

"Big Bunny" - The Playboy Jet

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