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Alfredo Wooden Bicycles

Named after Alfredo Binda, a legendary Italian cyclist, Alfredo Bikes is an Italian startup that produces wonderful wooden bicycles that not only blend elegance and function but also clinch the artisanal tradition and Italian competitive cycling history.

Manufactured in limited editions using only the highest quality materials and components, each bike is handcrafted using the highest quality wood, a material that is not only lighter than traditional steel frames but also softens vibrations and better absorbs common road hazards.

Stylish wooden frames are also protected against adverse weather conditions thanks to the transparent waterproofing process. You can choose from three configurations, with features and prices available on request. You can also choose the type of wood, order only the frame, or choose custom components for your dream build. If you want to learn more about these wonderful wooden bikes produced by Alfredo Wooden Bicycles, click here.


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