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Brompton x CHPT3 4th Edition: The Ultimate Urban Cycling Machine

If you’re looking for the ultimate urban cycling machine, look no further than the Brompton x CHPT3 4th Edition. This collaboration between two leading cycling brands has produced a bike that is designed to be lightweight, fast, and practical.

The Brompton x CHPT3 4th Edition features a hand-built titanium and steel frame that is both practical and performance-oriented. It’s more than 3.3 lbs lighter than the original Brompton bike, making it easier to carry and maneuver.

One of the standout features of this bike is the fi’zi:k Terra Argo X5 Saddle, which is gravel-specific and designed for superb vibration absorption. The short nose gives you a stable, planted position, and the cleverly thought-out drainage channels make it brilliant for wet-weather riding.

The Brompton 4-speed system is perfect for rapid urban acceleration and nimble climbing ability, and the fast and light wheelset is designed and tested to stand up to daily use in the city, in all weather. The Schwalbe One tires offer optimal grip and maximum style, while the Tubilito inner tubes help to save weight.

The minimalist Brompton P Line is packed with high-performance details, including titanium forks and rear triangles. The gearing is chosen to cover all bases, from quick sprints and sustained speed to steep climbs, delivering lightness, performance, and comfort.

When it comes to contact points, the Brompton x CHPT3 4th Edition doesn’t disappoint. The Ergon GE1 Evo Slim grips offer a premium ergonomic, rider-oriented grip with more comfort, precision, and performance. The saddle absorbs road chatter and vibrations, delivering the comfort needed for long-distance riding.

The Brompton x CHPT3 4th Edition is available in high-shine Gloss Winter Sky and textured Concrete Gray with Fire Red and Aqua Teal accents, making it a stylish addition to any urban cycling enthusiast’s collection. Click here for more details.

Brompton x CHPT3: The 4th Edition, New York
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