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2022 Mercedes AMG GT Black Edition By Wheelsandmore

Although most Mercedes-Benz product lines have received a considerable aftermarket makeover, there is one other model that has yet to be perfected: the AMG GT Black Edition. After all, it has an output of 730 hp and a torque of 590 ft-lbs. It is the fastest lap time in the history of the Nurburgring. It is not a complete desire for performance.

But for the people at Wheelsandmore, even these numbers are not enough. This is because they adopted the AMG GT Black Edition and made comprehensive performance improvements. This means it can now wear a set of Underdock adapters, which can run the brand’s internal UD-1 aluminum alloy wheels. In the front, you will find a set of huge 9×20 inch wheels, which should make the steering sharper. And when it comes to the rear, it can now ride on a pair of 12 by 20 inches, providing better grip when turning. But that’s not all-Wheelsandmore has also upgraded the transmission system to produce 789hp and 642ft-lbs of torque. In practice, it will now emit enough extra grunts to accelerate from 0-60mph to a maximum speed of 209mph in 3.2 seconds. Click here for more details.


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