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HOFELE Ultimate HG G-Wagon

Notwithstanding its aggressive and utilitarian roots, the Mercedes G-Wagen has advanced into a bonafide car superficial point of interest, inciting outfits like BRABUS and Mansory to take the German SUV‘s elite nature and go for it, gigantically reinforcing the model’s now adequate exhibition and extravagance. Indeed, even with the past great cluster of existing changed G-Wagens, Donzdorf-based extravagance tuning outfit, HOFELE has decided to convey a definitive cycle of the G-Wagen with what’s properly been namedUltimate HG.”

Designed to be a more rich option in contrast to standard limos, the Ultimate HG includes an inside produced using the world’s best Nappa cowhide and Alcantara, including a rearward sitting arrangement column with VIP seats, back self-destruction entryways, and full-length electrically-deployable avoids. Outside, the vehicle has been presented with a recently planned front grille, fog light encompasses, carbon wheel curves, a custom front guard, and a rooftop mounted light bar. Riding on mind-boggling 23″ HOFELE Turbine manufactured combination wheels, the Ultimate HG is enhanced in a bespoke two-tone paint finish made by joining Range Rover‘s Carpathian Gray over Rolls Royce‘s Crystal Black. For info or to demand value, you can look at the HOFELE website.

The Ultimate G-Wagon by HOFELE

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