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Vanderhall Navarro All Electric 4×4

If you have heard the name Vanderhall before, it may be because you have seen or ridden one of the brand’s unique three-wheel all-electric sports cars. However, the brand’s next joint venture has a considerable deviation from the normal catalog, which may be surprising and will be launched on the market in the form of a Navarro all-electric ATV this year.

What annoys us is that Vanderhall is a bit cautious about the performance data of this electric warhorse, but they have released enough alternative information to make us excited. For starters, this is the world’s first “fully enclosed fully electric ATV”. It also has transparent doors-ideal for cross-country vision without being dirty-as well as an integrated chassis, classic rear grille-mounted headlights (taken from other Vanderhalls design elements), etc. The brand was so confident in this version that they even doubled the size of the production facility to accommodate it. Call it ATV, UTV, 4×4, side-by-side or otherwise-Vanderhall Navarro will be available sometime in 2021. Click here for more details.


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