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Dacia MANIFESTO Concept

Introducing the impressive Dacia MANIFESTO concept, a feather-light all-terrain vehicle equipped to tackle outdoor activities. It features permanent all-wheel drive, an open interior, chunky wheels, increased ride height, and a tough plastic body made from recycled materials. On the hood; It features a light bar, a powerful winch, and a single headlight that can be used as a flashlight. When you need it, you can easily remove the vehicle’s battery and use it as a portable power source. It has puncture-proof, burst-proof tires, easily removable seat covers for use as a sleeping bag, and a back area with built-in storage that can optionally be converted into a workbench or table.

Passengers can be close to nature and stay connected with the services offered on their smartphones at the same time. Dacia‘s simple, effective and economical Bring-Your-Own-Device approach makes it possible to fully integrate your smartphone into the dashboard. This system is already available in many models of the brand and we think it will develop further in the future.

The Dacia MANIFESTO concept offers further innovations that can be added to future models. YouClip is a very simple system developed to securely fix and use your various items and accessories. You can carry any load as the roof rack and carrier bars can be converted into various configurations.

The Dacia MANIFESTO concept is waterproof, so you can soak in mud as much as you want and then wash the inside and outside of your vehicle with pressurized water without fear. Click here if you want more information.

Dacia MANIFESTO Concept
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