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Darc Mono Off-Road Camper

The powerful Darc Mono off-road camper is designed to take you and your team on a world adventure and is the ultimate adventure tool. Based on the latest generation of Iveco Daily 4×4, the impressive caravan uses a carbon fiber hard shell pattern, which combines Formula One technology with the highest mobile home requirements. This adventure car can work and entertain. Darc Mono Off-Road Camper has a 270-degree window layout, a long roof skylight, and a mobile workstation with a 4K projector and a custom audio system. There is also a 6.7-foot-high interior, which includes a 5-seater dining table and chairs, a kitchen with three burners, an oven, a sink and refrigerator/freezer, a bathroom, and a large hidden in the ceiling The bed can be put down at the push of a button, and there are many cabinets, shelves, drawers, and cabinets around the interior. The beast is also equipped with aluminum wheels wrapped in 37-inch all-terrain tires, custom-made obsolete tubular steel pipes, 10-ton winches, carbon fiber snorkels, and multiple external gear rack systems. Click here for more details.


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