Nerf Hyper Line

NERF launched Hyper, which is the brand’s new high-volume, high-rate shock wave product for competition. Its function is the fastest loading time in NERF‘s history.

The NERF Hyper line is full of improvements that consumers demand, making them the most performance-oriented shot blasting machines we have ever seen. The first is the new loading system, which allows players to load up to 100 rounds of ammunition in a few seconds with 50 or 100 rounds of cartridges available. The shock wave also has a higher capacity, can perform 100 Hyper bounces, and its serve volume is the same as 25 NERF Rival bombs. Hyper ammunition is also made of brand-new materials, designed to shoot faster and longer, with a top speed of 110 feet per second, which is 10% higher than the Rival series. NERF Hyper line will be launched later this year and will be equipped with three shockwave transmitters: NERF Hyper Rush-40, NERF Hyper Siege-50, and the top-level NERF Hyper Mach-100 with a capacity of 100 rounds. The protective mask and the aforementioned carbon canister complete the new product line, which is suitable for people over 14 years old. Click here for more details.


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