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4×4 Mercedes SOD Rise Off-Road Camper

When you want to buy a new caravan or camper, the prices you encounter may seem quite high at first. But once you take a look at the interior of the caravan you want to buy, the fun times you will spend there and the memories you will make you convinced that it is worth every penny you spend. The newest work of Stone Offroad Design, a German team that is as passionate about vehicles as they are about design, 4×4 SOD Rise fits just that definition.

Based on an already powerful brand like Mercedes-Benz Unimog, this 4×4 all-terrain caravan, created by the partnership of two excellent German brands and covered with enviably pompous appliances, is available with a choice of a 231hp 4-cylinder engine or a more impressive 400hp 6-cylinder engine. is offered.

The interior design of SOD Rise, which looks like a monster at first glance, has a lot of contrast. It’s almost luxurious, with refinements and features such as a gorgeous full-size kitchen equipped with a stylish chandelier, four-burner stove, several king-size beds, a fully equipped multimedia system, a free-standing shower, a modern toilet, a marble-like sink, and a stylish bathroom equipped with a mirror. reminiscent of a caravan.

Powered by a 24V 400Ah lithium-ion battery pack and 840-watt solar panels, the well-equipped interior of this beautiful trailer is designed to be as sensitive to the planet as it wants you to achieve maximum comfort.

With a price tag of over a million dollars, the SOD Rise camper will be available from January 6, 2022. If you want more detailed information, you can click here.


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