YEZO Retreat in Hokkaido Island Japan

Located on the idyllic island of Hokkaido in Japan, YEZO is a small resort in the northern mountains. It uses its eye-catching landscape and experimental design methods to build a sanctuary in nature. Contacted by an ambitious client, Japanese architectural studio LEAD set out to work on this unique residence, where guests can enjoy quiet reflections and privacy in an environment defined by wood, stone, water and light Enjoy the time, but the surrounding is ever-changing and natural beauty. The elegant and smooth space of the project follows minimalism, expressive, performance-driven materials and construction methods. The wooden roof shell structure is constructed of glue-laminated (GluLam) wooden beams suspended from a central concrete chimney and covered with locally sourced black slate. The impressive YEZO Retreat won the 2020 Golden Needle Design Award. Click here for more details.


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