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Sneci Houseboat By Tamas Bene

Whether it is due to instant messaging, next-day delivery or other 21st century novelties, everyone can appreciate the convenience of living in a digital world. However, this is not without warning. Although it allows us to carry out our daily lives at an unprecedented speed, it also prevents us from slowing down when we should. In order to escape the speed of the 21st century society, Hungarian architect Tamás Bene built the houseboat in front of you. Known as “Sneci” (Hungarian for “snail”), this is a very simple thing, with only two purposes in mind: sustainability and mobility. Internally, the accommodation includes a sleeping area with a double bed. A kitchen with sink, mini refrigerator and gas stove; and a small multifunctional dining area with electronic lighting. In order to provide comfortable power to the animals on the boat, a pair of solar panels were installed on the roof, which is more than enough because drinking water is drawn from a water storage tank operated by a foot pump. Sneci is inlaid with hot wood, mahogany wood, and is equipped with a series of small portholes to remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Click here for more details.


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