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Nitecore T4K Keychain Flashlight

Both literally and visually, flashlights are great. But, like every invention, there are always ways to adjust and improve it. In this regard, Nitecore is obviously no stranger to innovation, and they have just taken the latest step in the field of portable lighting of Nitecore T4K keychain flashlights. What really makes this flashlight unique is that it is actually the smallest 4000 lumens flashlight in the world, which means it is bright enough to be considered blinding, and small enough to connect it to a keychain. For easy handling. It seems that its super-bright performance and compact outline are not enough. Even a single-charge lithium battery can run for 67 hours. It also provides a pocket clip for those who are not interested in carrying keychains, weighing only 2.72 ounces. There is no news on the price, but this pocket computer should be available soon. Click here for more details about Nitecore T4K Keychain Flashlight


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