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Katalis Spacebar Scooter

As early as the 1980s, Honda produced a folding luggage bicycle called Motocompo. It is intended as an innovative way of personal urban travel, designed to adapt to the back of small Japanese cars. But despite Honda’s desire for this small scooter, the automaker even designed a car specifically for its storage, but it never really took off at the time.

Today, Motocompo has become a cult classic, and its influence is unlimited. Take the Spacebar concept of Katalis, an Indonesian design company, for example. At first glance, it is easy to see the influence behind the design. With its rectangular body and foldable peripherals, the scooter is undoubtedly an echo of old motorcycles. However, it is not just a restoration of retro. It is powered by a 1200W electric motor and is equipped with a pair of shelves at the front and rear, which makes the old goods look new. And, when you consider that it is specially designed to ease the busy rush hour, it will be a perfect journey for those young people who are looking around Jakarta. Click here to visit Katalis ‘s Instagram page.


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