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BMW Definition CE 04 Electric Scooter

BMW Motorrad introduced possibly the coolest electric scooter concept ever. The BMW Definition CE 04 Scooter can be described as both a means of transport and a means of communication for urban use, equipped with a range of user-friendly and forward-looking technologies. This futuristic and stylish electric scooter has an illuminated storage compartment accessible from the side of the vehicle for a helmet, a laptop bag, or more. It features a low profile long design and low battery positioning that provides more freedom and space for you to carry your items. It also has a huge 10.25-inch screen that can not only show the driving metrics but also connect to your smartphone. The BMW Definition CE 04 Scooter concept is an almost production-ready version and there is a possibility that further improvements will be added by BMW Motorrad before it goes into mass production, but the upcoming model is not expected to move away from this design.

BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 - Unveiling. | #NEXTGen 2020.

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