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NASA Motorcycle Concept For Off-Roading On The Moon

As humanity gets closer to colonizing distant planets and moons, people from all walks of life, from textile companies to concept artists, have become more and more receptive to everything related to space travel, in order to get the public’s attention. For example, Andrew Fabishevskiy from Russia. Fabishevskiy, a Moscow-based illustrator and senior designer, is one of the latest designers to come up with a vision of a NASA motorcycle built for the moon, taking into account NASA‘s mistakes.

This concept motorcycle, simply known as “NASA Motorcycle”, has a long wheelbase and a carefully crafted frame. The single-sided swingarms are attached to a set of meaty all-terrain tires using an inner frame in the shape of a star of David and closed by a large set of tire wrappers. What looks like a soft sphere beneath a set of straps acts as a saddle, and the softening of the distinctive suspension system provides additional cushioning for everything. Interestingly, this motorcycle can also provide all-wheel drive. In other words, power can be sent to the front wheel when needed. A modern handlebar set and a front luggage rack complete this lunar-ready two-wheeled vehicle. If you want to examine more of Fabishevskiy‘s work, you can check out the Behance page.


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