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UA Sportsmask Fleece Gaiter

Following the introduction of UA Sportsmask, Under Armor takes things a step further with the addition of a breathable neck gaiter for outdoor training. The breathable face mask is designed to be worn in the cold. Developed for athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts, the UA Sportsmask Gaiter with a concealed mask is a great option for running or doing other exercises, with a design that is configured to stay away from the face and lips for comfort and breathability. It can meet your needs for the airflow and temperature you need, that is, the most suitable for your training. UA Sportsmask Gaiter, which has a reusable structure, is also waterproof. It features a three-layer mask design that functions to reduce the spread of respiratory moisture during performance, specially designed for athletes. Thus, it allows you to train comfortably and safely in public areas. You will not have to take your hand to your mask constantly, thanks to the cleverly designed nose bridge that prevents your mask from falling from your nose and prevents your glasses from fogging by reducing the airflow to the eyes. Click for details and purchasing.


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