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Naon Zero-One Electric Scooter

The new Naon Zero-One Electric Scooter offers an elegant and efficient transportation solution for city dwellers. This stylish electric scooter offers a range of approximately 25 miles (40km) thanks to its 2,4 kWh battery. If you want to double the range, the option to place a second battery is also not forgotten. Offering a maximum speed of approximately 62 mph (100kph), Naon Zero-One incorporates a unique view of the road into your ride thanks to the transparent design under the handlebar. Click here to learn more about this electric scooter, which has 14-inch wheels, ABS disc brakes, and an app to download to your smartphone to act as a digital display. Do not miss watching the promotional video below.

NAON ‘Prototype-01’ electric scooter * Enjoy the ride *
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