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2021 Polaris RZR Trail and Trail S

Since the launch of RZR (called “Ranger RZR” at the time) in 2008, Polaris‘s compact and robust UTV has been leading the market segment in terms of original performance and convenience. In 2021, the Minnesota-based brand hopes to maintain this trend by releasing the new Polaris 50-inch RZR Trail and 60-inch RZR Trail S.

Both new razors use 75hp injected liquid-cooled fuel, powered by a dual overhead cam ProStar 900 (875cc) two-cylinder engine, with best-in-class ground clearance, suspension travel, turning radius and power-to-weight ratio. The appearance of SxS has been completely redesigned, and now it presents a more distinctive and aggressive appearance through the new front and rear LED lighting, while the interior uses a brand-new fully open door, adjustable steering wheel, and factory wrap-around roll cage , Internal accent lighting, and integrated 7-inch glove-type touch screen GPS linked Ride Command display and Rockford Fosgate audio system. Polaris also provides more than 25 kinds of accessories, which are specially developed for the new RZR Trail series. Both vehicles offer a variety of decorations and specifications, starting at US$13,999 and US$15,299, respectively. For more information, you can check the Polaris website.

2021 RZR Trail and RZR Trail S | Polaris RZR®

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