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Voronoi 3D Bicycle Helmet

Throughout the years, we’ve seen a considerable amount of extraordinary protective caps. Recently, nonetheless, defensive frills have taken on another personality through developments in 3D printing and structure. Zhecheng Xu and Yuefeng Zhou‘s Voronoi 3D Bicycle Helmet is one such model, bragging a consistent incorporation parametric methods, bionic characteristics, and auxiliary uprightness.

To keep the protective cap as inventive as could be expected under the circumstances, the group has presented an eye-getting outline propelled by Voronoi designs inside nature. As an essential trait of shells and bones from creatures, the structure has been demonstrated to give remarkable opposition against antagonistic powers, just as immediate effects that may make conventional 3D defensive frameworks disintegrate under the weight. Rather, the Voronoi‘s permeable, web-like qualities help to shield it from the focal effect, spreading it to different zones of the cap for a more steady conveyance of power. Because of its one of a kind structure, the cap was given an A’ Design Award in 2019, making it famous for creative security producers around the globe.


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