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Kawasaki’s Ninja 650 By Studio Motor

With enough force for both road and turnpike, a serious MSRP, and an impenetrable solid medium-sized equal twin, Kawasaki’s Ninja 650 (or ER6N), is a mind-blowing decision for riders looking for a dependable utilitarian bicycle. And keeping in mind that the Ninja 650, as a matter of fact, has a ton making it work, its appearance isn’t on its rundown of solid suits. Knowing this Jakarta-based custom bike shop, Studio Motor has routinely been changing stock these 650s into desire commendable irregular works. Named the Silv Tracker,” the Indonesian outfit’s most recent bespoke ER6N expands on Studio‘s past 650 activities, executing a couple of key changes that profoundly change the no-nonsense suburbanite bicycle.

While the suspension, wheels, and edge have been left stock, the plant subframe has been supplanted with a bold unit that currently underpins a bobber-meets-scrambler-style seat while the first tank’s been traded out for a knee-imprinted thing wearing a Monza-style top. Custom dark radiator covers further tidy up the construct’s outline, as well. Balancing the manufacture is a lot of bar-end LEDs, a stunning double LED fog light course of action, an angled front bumper and back hugger, a custom two-into-one fumes, and bumpy Shinko elastic.

Kawasaki ER6N 2013 Custom Scrambler - Gaya Baru Sang Captain

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