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Panache Bushidan Kawasaki W 650 Motorcycle

Not all that much; not very little — this is as compact a depiction as you can get for Panache CustomsKawasaki W650-based Bushidan fabricate. The W650 is an equal twin retro-styled standard presented in 1999 that gets back to Kawasaki’s W1, W2, and W3 models of the ’60s and ’70s. Panache tossed out most of the retro, giving the Bushidan a style that crosses the old and new in one bundle. A Moto Guzi V7 tank drastically changes the appearance to the cutting edge, with four elite uniforms in a joint effort with French creator Remy Roland. The motor gets updated Lectron carbs for improved choke reaction and force with Uni channels and 3D-printed channel covers. A WP fork and K-Tech stuns are both flexible to fit the rider’s weight and riding style and Brembo calipers give the halting force. The Bushidan is constrained to five units and is accessible for preorder now.


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