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460HP V8 Mini Moke SUV By Lazareth

The people at Lazareth are no aliens to making bonkers custom vehicles. They’ve fabricated everything from land and/or water capable SUVs to flying bikes, indeed. Notwithstanding, in any event, for them, this Mini Moke ‘V8M’ is somewhat bonkers. Furthermore, in addition, it’s available to be purchased.

Initially presented in 1964, the Moke was a smaller than usual based off-road SUV made to be competent, yet cheap. What was never the expectation, in all probability, was stacking it with an augmented 460-torque, 348 ft-lb V8 motor and putting it on 17″ aluminum edges, as the people at Lazareth have done. Notwithstanding, we can’t contend with the outcomes, as this smaller scale machine is something to observe. In any case, the most crazy piece of this story is that Lazareth is really auctioning this coincidental little fear, however you’ll need to connect with them for evaluating in case you’re intrigued. More?

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