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ROCS Tatooine Porsche 911: Where Star Wars Meets Precision Engineering

In the realm where automotive innovation collides with artistic brilliance, Richard Goncalves of ROCS Motorsport has raised the bar with his latest creation – the ROCS Tatooine Porsche 911. Breaking away from tradition, Goncalves has masterfully merged the precision of Porsche engineering with the captivating allure of the Star Wars universe, resulting in a restomod project that transcends the boundaries of automotive art.

Embarking on a Galactic Journey: The ROCS Tatooine Porsche 911

The ROCS Tatooine Porsche 911 is not merely a car; it’s an extraordinary work of art. Goncalves, an artist and car enthusiast, has meticulously crafted every detail to pay homage to both the iconic Porsche brand and the beloved Star Wars saga. From Aurebesh-inspired graphics adorning its exterior to a Millennium Falcon-inspired rear spoiler, the Tatooine is a visual masterpiece that transports enthusiasts to the iconic desert planet.

Defying Tradition: The Making of Tatooine

Built upon a 1990 Porsche 964 C4 Cabriolet, the Tatooine art car is a testament to Goncalves’ daring creativity. Custom flared fenders, a Millennium Falcon-inspired spoiler, and intentionally weathered exteriors create a unique aesthetic inspired by the Star Wars universe. Riding on classic weathered five-arm Fuchs-style wheels, the Tatooine Porsche 911 boasts features like a skid plate, a custom front steel bumper with integrated lights, a tow hitch, and a full-size spare sunken into the hood.

Inside the Tatooine: A Journey-Worn Cabin

The interior of the Tatooine reflects a weathered, lived-in look, with faded seats and matching dash and door panels. Autodromo, one of the project’s partners, contributed a customized Group C digital watch. A custom vanity plate reading “TAT2INE” completes the thematic interior.

What’s Next for ROCS Motorsport?

While the ROCS Tatooine Porsche 911 build is already spoken for, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Goncalves’ next creation. The fusion of automotive expertise and artistic expression showcased in the Tatooine sets a high standard for the future of restomod projects. Click here for more details.

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